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About PICIS  

Picis Clinical Solutions (Picis) is a global provider of clinical information solutions that automate the entire perioperative experience with one contiguous patient record, from preop to anesthesia through PACU. Picis continues to focus and specialize the integrated suite of solutions in life-critical areas of the hospital where the patients are the most vulnerable, the care process is the most complex, and an increasing majority of hospital costs and potential revenue are concentrated. The software enables rapid, sustained delivery of clinical documentation, and financial and operational results. From department performance to patient case costing, hospitals benefit from the ability to interact with the data needed to help clinicians improve patient care, engagement and hospital revenue goals. Picis Clinical Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of N. Harris Computer Corporation, is headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts with licensed systems for use at more than 400 hospitals worldwide.




Partnership with Netlee Software

Netlee Software Sdn Bhd is Picis representative in Malaysia and was established in 1998 solely to provide support to all Picis installation in Malaysia. We recognize the growing need for computerized patient records in the healthcare industry in line with the nations vision towards 2020. As well with the numerous numbers of hospitals being constructed in Malaysia and with the emergence of IT ,the need for a clinical information system in a hospital has never been greater.



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 Locally, we have managed to maintain as a distributor for Picis for more than 15 years. We have local implementers, local people to customize and locals to support the sites post installation to ensure timeliness of implementation.


Netlee Software consists of a group of experienced and qualified personnel. The Management of

Netlee Software has more than a decade of accumulated experience in the IT line and 20 years of involvement in the international market. Alongside them is a group of qualified professionals who has been sent for training in Picis Research and Development Center in Barcelona, Spain. Together with support from our principal from Barcelona, we implement new sites, provide upgrade to existing sites and also general support work.


The implementation team is stationed locally and have been supporting several Picis sites in Malaysia:


•Hospital Kuala Terengganu Nur Zahirah: State local hospital with 67 CCIS beds -interfaced with Hospital Information System (HIS). Recently purchased another 38 license for a total of 105 beds which makes it the largest CCIS installed LIVE site in Malaysia. Picis installed in various departments: ICU, NICU, PICU, CCU, OT and Recovery.

•Hospital Putrajaya: Government hospital in Putrajaya with 32 CCIS beds - 9 OT, 3 Recovery, 14 ICU, 6 NICU fully interfaced with Hospital Information System (HIS). .

•Institut Kanser Negara: located in Putrajaya with 24 beds - 8 ICU, 6 OT, 10 Recovery; fully interfaced with Hospital Information System (HIS) soon to be officially opened.

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