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Q: My network adapter does not work.

A: Some hardware on the list might need updated drivers in order to be compatible with Windows, and you might be able to download these drivers using the HCL. If your hardware is not on the HCL, Microsoft cannot guarantee that it will work with Windows. However, the manufacturer of the hardware might have an updated driver that will allow it to work with Windows. Contact the hardware manufacturer for further assistance.

If you started having problems after you installed a new device driver , you can roll back to the previous one using the driver rollback feature in Windows XP.

The driver for your device might be corrupted. Or, your driver might not be compatible with Windows XP, and you might need an updated version. There is no obvious way to tell if your driver is corrupted. Uninstall and reinstall the driver, and then try to use your device again.

To uninstall the driver for your device

  1. Open Device Manager .
  2. Double-click the device category to display all devices in that category.
  3. Right-click the problem device, and then click Uninstall .
  4. In the Confirm Device Removal dialog box, click OK .
  5. If you receive a message that prompts you to restart your computer, click Yes to restart.
  • To open Device Manager , click Start , click Control Panel , click Performance and Maintenance , and then click System . In the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager .

When you uninstall an existing driver and restart your computer, Windows should automatically detect your device and display a wizard that helps you reinstall the drivers for it. If this wizard does not appear, reinstall a new driver manually.

To reinstall a driver manually

  1. Close any open programs.
  2. Start the Add Hardware Wizard .
  3. Click Next , and wait for Windows to search for Plug and Play hardware. Most newer hardware is Plug and Play, so you will rarely need to go beyond this step.
  4. If no Plug and Play hardware is found, you will be presented with a list of hardware types to choose from. Click Add a new hardware device , and then click Next .
  5. Click Install the hardware that I manually select from a list , and then click Next .
  6. In the Common hardware types list, click the appropriate hardware category, and then click Next .
  7. In the Manufacturers list, click the manufacturer of your hardware; in the Models list, click the model name.
    Or, click Have Disk if you have an updated or third-party driver to install for your hardware.
  8. Click Next , and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
  • To open the Add Hardware Wizard , click Start , click Control Panel , and then click Printers and Other Hardware . Under See Also , click Add Hardware .

If reinstalling the driver does not work, check to see whether there is an updated driver available for your device. You are likely to need an updated driver if you started having problems with your device right after you upgraded to Windows XP.

Q: My Network Card link light didn't show up?

A: Please make sure your card insert properly. Then make sure your UTP cable is correctly inserted. If problem persist, try to consult your local dealer for further  enquires. For technical answer, please use a Lan Tester to test the port for conformation.


Q: How can I assure that my network card is working in good condition?

A: First of all, you need to check all the setting that is correctly configure. Then you  can try to ping your local IP address by using MS-DOS Prompt. In MS-DOS Prompt, key in your current local IP address; ex: Ping ˇ§ˇ¨ if you can ping this  command, meaning your network is working fine.


Q: My computer cannot communicate with other computer in the Network?

A: First of all, please make sure that all your network cable is nicely connected to the Network Interface Card (NIC) or Switch. As a conformation, PC's NIC and Switch link  light show up. Then please confirm that you are using straight through UTP cable connect form NIC to Switch. For Window 98, try to key in the IP address if given, then search on the workgroup column and type the workgroup name as same as your network environment. Then restart the pc, in window screen, it will pop up a  menu indicate your current network user name and password. When this show up, it mean your network has been successful setup.


Q: Can't login to My Network ?

A: For Window 98,ME,2000,XP, please check your current password for accessing the network. If forgotten the password, just click cancel button and try to re-install the network.


Q: Why my newly purchase PCMCIA Network card didn't work with my old laptop?

A: Your newly purchase network card is running on 32bit cardbus PC Card Type2 slots. Meanwhile, your old laptop is running on 16bit PC Card Type 1, so the  newly purchased  PCMCIA card cannot work with your laptop. For further enquiries please consult our sales consultant for further advise.

IEEE 1394 Firewire Troubleshooting

Q: Doesn't the IEEE 1394 host card need any driver?

A: No, the driver already exists in the Operating System (OS).


Q:  Why doesn't the IEEE 1394 (5'25ˇ¨) case box work on my CD writer?

A: Please try to change your case box cd writer jumper set it to master.


Q:  What type of IEEE 1394 cable do I need to buy for my Digital Video camera?

A: There are 3 types of IEEE 1394 cable in the market. There is cable where both ends is 4pins connection or both is 6pins connection and there is cable where one ends is 4pins connection and the other end is 6pins connection. Therefore, you need to make sure which types of cable you really need.


Q: How do I differentiate 4pins and 6pins connection on the IEEE 1394 cable?

A: The smaller end on the cable will be 4pins connection, while the bigger end will be 6pins connection.


Q: How to edit the video in my Digital Video camera?

A: In this case, third party software is needed for editing the video. For examples, ULEAD, ADOBE, etc. are software that use for video editing.


Q:  Why is the movie stop during the video playing time?

A: The main problem is that the hard disk is in FAT32 format, where the maximum capacity for recording the video is 4GB only. Therefore, when you are using AVI format for your video, you'll need to set to 18 minutes time to maximise 4GB recording space. It is recommended to use NTFS format for your hard disk in order to maximise the space without any compression on your video.


Q:  Is it possible to utilize IEEE 1394 cable for Networking?

A: Yes, cause IEEE 1394 is also one of the Network Adapter, which you just need to configure your network TCP/IP.

Networking Troubleshooting

Q: Power L.E.D indicator didn't light up?

A: Please make sure that the switch adapter power up properly. If the matter persists, use a LAN tester to check out if the port is defective (If available). In the other case, please consult your local dealer for warranty purpose.


Q: I can't see other Domain's computer when uplink the switch.

A: Please check up the cable that is a CAT 5 standard UTP Cable. Then make sure you are using a cross over UTP cable to link between your switches in your domain/Network. If link light is up, means that your switch is in good condition. You should be able to link your domain given correct settings.


Q: My Network Connection in Window XP sometimes shows disconnection?

A: Please be make sure your switch(s) are in good condition. If problem persist, please check your existing cable, wrong pin assignment may cause connection problems. Even UNCERTIFIED RJ45 connector also can cause connection failures. If you suspect this is the case, please consult your dealer.


Q: Can my old 10Base-TX NIC compatible with the current switches?

A: Yes, most of the switches have N-way (Auto-Negotiation) function built in hence it can support 10 or 100 mbps NIC.


Q: How to stack to another switch or hub?

A: Actually it depends on your situation:

Normal port to Normal port = Cross Cable

Uplink port to Uplink port = Cross Cable

Uplink to Normal port = Straight cable

Internet Connection

Q: My modem (DSL 906EU) cannot link to my PC?

A: Please check the UTP cable is connected properly. Then make sure the cable connect from PC to the MODEM is using a straight through cable. If the LAN link light appear indicates the connection is correctly plug in.* NOTE: Use a cross-over cable for MODEM with Switch connection.


Q:  My modem link light okay but still cannot access internet, why?

A:  For Window XP user, just simply check your LAN CONNECTION ICON located at the bottom right corner of your wind~ow screen. Once click on, it should appear the connection status, click on the General column and it will pop up the menu, search for the TCIP and double click on it. Once inside, just tick the:ˇ¨Automatic Assign IP Addressˇ¨ Then presses on okay button, leave the screen by clicking okay.

Finally, try to access the router/modem firmware using the IE and key in the address:, then you wills able to login the router firmware main menu. There just simply key in your username and password given by streamyx personal and press on connect button. Once connections established, close this page and began to surf. As for Win98 user, please change your local IP address to automatically assign because the router had built in DHCP server. Further steps please follow the steps above.


Q: My LAN connection shows 10MBPS connection while my NIC is 10/100MBPS when connected to DSL906EU modem, how come?

A:This case is normal because the modem/router is configured under 10base TX, meanwhile your network card support auto-negotiation between the speeds. So it is normal to happen.


Q: My internet connections show some abnormal flikering when I start browsing long?

A: This will happen when we plug from the router to a switch, it is because the switch is more dedicated on their bandwidth than the router itself, so it will sometime shows some abnormal flickering. This can be solve when we change the network card speed to 10base full-duplex mode. 

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