What problem are you having?
Q: Why I cannot install my monitor?
A: Are you using the wrong driver for your display adapter?

If the wrong driver is specified for your display adapter (video card), you might have problems installing your monitor or increasing the video resolution above 640 480 with 16 colors.

To find out whether a better driver is available

  1. Open Display Properties in Control Panel.
  2. Click the Settings tab, click Advanced , and then click the Adapter tab.
  3. Click Properties , click the Driver tab, and then click Update Driver .
  4. Click Install the software automatically (Recommended) . Follow the instructions in the Hardware Update Wizard to search for a better display adapter driver.
  5. Restart your computer if you are prompted to do so.

Is your BIOS outdated?

Your computer's BIOS is a component that came with the motherboard of your computer, which contains basic instructions for how your computer interacts with various types of hardware that you install on it.

Display corruption problems can be caused by an outdated BIOS that does not support all the display features of your version of Windows.

Problems that you experience after upgrading Windows might also be caused by an outdated BIOS.

Contact the manufacturer of your motherboard to find out whether an updated BIOS is available.

Q: Why my display flickers or is garbled?


1) Does your computer redraw underlying areas of the screen incorrectly when you move or resize windows?

2)Does Windows support your display adapter?

To determine whether your display adapter (video card) is supported

  • Check the Windows Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) in Help & Support.

    If your display adapter is supported, the HCL might include notes about it or links to updated drivers . Download any new drivers that are available.

    If your display adapter is not on the HCL, or is listed but is not shown as being compatible with Windows XP, Microsoft does not provide support or drivers for it. Contact the adapter manufacturer, or visit the manufacturer's Web site, to obtain a driver that is compatible with Windows XP.

3) Reinstall the display adapter driver.

If Windows does not start, or if distorted or unreadable text appears on the screen, you might have a faulty display adapter driver . Reinstall your driver, or install an updated driver if you have one.

First, you need to start your computer in safe mode.

To restart your computer in safe mode

  1. Click Start , click Turn off computer , and then click Restart .

    If you are using Windows & nbsp;XP Professional Edition, click Start , click Turn off computer , select Restart from the drop down list, and then click OK .
    If you cannot use the Start menu, press the restart button on your computer. Or, turn your computer on if it is not running.
  2. While your computer is starting, press and hold down the F8 key until the Startup Menu appears.
  3. Use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to select Safe Mode , and then press ENTER.

Next, remove your old display adapter driver.

To remove your old display adapter driver

  1. Open Device Manager .
  2. Click the plus sign (+) next to Display adapters .
  3. Right-click your adapter, and then click Uninstall . In the Confirm Device Removal box, click OK .

    If your display adapter is not listed, skip to the next procedure on this page.
  4. Restart your computer when you are prompted to do so.


To install a new driver

  1. Start the Add Hardware Wizard in Control Panel.
  2. Click Next , and wait for Windows to finish searching for Plug and Play devices.
  3. In Installed hardware , click Add a new hardware device , and then click Next .
  4. Click Install the hardware that I manually select from a list , and then click Next .
  5. In the Common hardware types list, click Display adapters , and then click Next .
  6. In the Manufacturers list, click your display adapter manufacturer. In the Models list, click the model name.
    Or, if you have obtained a new driver from your adapter manufacturer, click Have Disk and locate the new driver.
  7. Click Next , click Next again, and then click Finish .
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