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- 乾惘阨儒 ㄗKota Baruㄘ

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Q. What is the Aura?
A. Aura are energy bodies . The Aura is the Electromagnetic energy field that exists within the body and extends up to several feet beyond it. It reflects the physical, mental and emotional state of the body at the time it is measured.

Q. What are the Chakras?
A. Chakra is a word in Sanskrit used by Hindus for thousands of years that literally means ※Wheel of Light: Generally when someone refers to the Chakras he or she is referring to the 7 major energy centers in the body. The Chakras are always located in the same area of the body and always vibrate at the same color frequency in each person. The size and shape of the Chakras vary from person to person and indicate different health and emotional conditions of the body.

Q. Have the Aura and Chakras been scientifically proven?
A. Absolutely. Dr. Valerie Hunt who at the time was Chairman of the Department of Kinesiology at UCLA conducted a lengthy study that was able to measure the frequencies of the human energy field.
This study, known as the Rolf Study, also provided evidence that this large electromagnetic field is generated by the smaller internal vortices of energy 每 the Chakras.

Q. What can Aura reading do for me ?
A. Aura reading will help you to protect the health of your loved ones as well as yourself .It also can help you to know you personality , energy coming to your way and last but not list 每 wealth

Q. Where do the color located and Color means what ?
Red 每 Base Chakra 每 This chakra is located at the end of the spine and correspond of life energy , physical activity, emotional strength, will power and organs are joints, muscles, heart, blood and nervous system .

Orange 每 Navel Chakra 每 This chakra is located above base chakra and corresponds to creative, productive and emotional expression of life energy and organs are intestines, spleen and digestive track.

Yellow 每 Solar Plexus Chakra 每 located at the stomach and corresponds to personal power, creative and intellectual thoughts and organ are stomach, solar plexus and liver.

Green 每 Heart Chakra - located around the heart and corresponds to communications , speech, social abilities and organ are heart, lungs, chest, arms and hands.

Blue - Throat Chakra 每 located around the throat and corresponds to speech, social abilities verbal and emotional expression and organ are lungs, throat, bronchia and voice.

Violet 每 Third Eye Chakra 每 located between the eyes and corresponds to intuition, vision, artistic and creative thoughts and organ are eyes, nervous system, brain and forehead.

White 每 Crown Chakra 每 located on top of the head and corresponds to intuition, spirituality and enlightment and organ are brain, nervous system, top of head.



























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- LOTUS ( Klang Parade )

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- Kristalmedic ( Johor Baru )
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- HEAVEN'S GIFT ( Petaling Jaya )
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- KRISTALMEDIC LOTUS ( Tesco Bukit Tinggi- Klang )
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